Isoprint specializes in medical component pad printing for original equipment manufacturers (OEM). We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, which demonstrates our commitment to the continuous improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of our company operations.

Medical Grade Inks

We use Class VI medical grade inks to meet biosafety concerns and use substrate-specific surface treatment for permanent ink adhesion.Learn More


Using Class VI medical grade inks and process specific pre-treatment techniques, we are able to achieve excellent ink adhesion and print quality on a wide variety of substrates. Our pad printing will withstand various sterilization techniques.Learn More


We work with the full range of clients, from small independent firms developing prototypes to production runs for Fortune 500 companies.Learn More

Printing Examples


Our Capabilities

  • Highly detailed and accurate image reproductions including micro and measurement marking
  • Permanent imprint adhesion that withstands various sterilization techniques and will not flake or rub off
  • Pad printing on all substrates and on atypical and unusual device shapes and sizes
  • Pad printing using radio opaque and conductive inks
  • 360° surface imprints
  • Custom color and multi-color requirements
  • Substrate-specific surface treatment for permanent ink adhesion
  • Environmentally controlled systems for clean manufacturing

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are committed to our environment and practice sustainability. This includes using only renewable power, following fuel conservation and waste reduction programs, and investing in wetland protection.